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Helping Your Local Business To Connect With a Target Audience!

Online Content Creation

A website with nothing on it will do little for your business. Your website can and should be so much more!

We can Create Mixed Content for your site!

Social Campaigns

The Quick Way to get your Offer-Event or Promotion out to the masses online, making your social accounts worth having!

But the content of your campaign has to stand out to get noticed – We Can Help!.

Who I Can Help?

Realistic Local Business Owners who appreciate “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” and are prepared to team up with me to begin the journey of gaining brand recognition online.

If they – a relevant online audience-don’t know about you how can you expect results, but gaining brand recognition involves several strategies and lots of consistent work.

There is no mileage for us in work simply for work’s sake- but rather we seek to work alongside pragmatic business owners who accept online marketing is part of the mix and whilst not wishing to devote their lives to it will outsource to get a plan of action in place to compete online.

How do I operate?

Life has taught me that “Honesty is the Best Policy”.

If I can help you and your business I WILL and if I am not a fit, I will tell you as I have no intention of seeking work just for work’s sake, as that’s simply short-sighted.

What I Do is I analyse your Online Footprint (or lack of one) and then offer my suggestions.

I clearly set out on this site what I can do and if you are interested in any service Message me.

About Me

I have worked in online marketing for 10 years often quietly behind the scenes. Initially, I focused on pure social media management, blogging on the side to learn the trade and the nuts and bolts of online tools and methods. Time and again I meet local business owners who today appreciate the factual need to embrace online promotion- the smart ones realize it’s a marathon and not a sprint- the gullible fall for the one-click solution merchants. Which Are You?

Working in the trenches with local businesses I have also learned that whilst many business owners have great online intentions, many simply do not have the time to do it all, because there are simply too many moving parts-some easy enough-some difficult, but put simply all online promotion takes time and some skill.

Online Content for starters does not appear online by Magic

– It Has To Be Created.

Social Media Promotion also takes time and a lot of it to the uninitiated, plus in an ever bigger online space, there is the need to stand out.

In my experience TIME is a luxury many local business owners simply do not have

-Everyday Life Gets In The Way Of Online Marketing- and that’s a mistake.

There are only so many hours in the day. Time shy business owners are my market, plus I have an empathy for online startups because I was there once.

Lets See If We Can Work Together

Rather than talking about the “weather” I have a short online questionnaire you can fill out- the advantage to both of us is that I can analyze your online footprint to see where I could Help. It will only take a few minutes to complete!.

Committed To Professional Development

Inbound Certified

Frictionless Sales Certified

sales enablement

Websites For Start-Ups
Practically any local business NEEDS ONE and We Can Help!
Blog Content
Have It Done For You so that visitors have something relevant to ponder about!
Social Video
Can You Ignore it? Bet Your Competitors Won't?
Google My Business
Any Local Business Not Listed on GMB is Really Losing Out Big Time!
First Aid & Hygiene
Ted Kelleher

We were delighted when Rosemary came on board with us as a Social Media consultant. She is very professional and will do her very utmost to help and advise with any project, She greatly assisted us when setting up out new web site & on line shop.I can't recommend Rosemary highly enough and appreciate her efforts in building up the TK brand online.

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I have been fortunate to get to know Rosemary and her work over a period of about 2 years. What I admire about Rosemary is the creativity, dedication and focus she puts in her work which always comes out very professional and highly engaging. I have already recommended Rosemary to many of my contacts and am happy to do so here. Apart from what I have mentioned, she is very helpful, good-natured and easy to communicate with. If you hire Rosemary . I can assure you that she will do her absolute best for your business.

Galina St George

Natural Health Specialist

Owner Maria Lucia Bakes
Maria Betts

Rosemary has provided an excellent service in managing Facebook and Twitter platforms for our food business since its inception 18 months ago.
She has a wonderful patient professional and courteous manner always even when dealing with queries at times beyond the call of duty.
I can't recommend Rosemary highly enough and i'm very grateful to her for the hard work she has put in to building our brand.

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Prosperity Coach
Patricia Gozlan
Image is not available

Rosemary teaches social media and marketing and what I really like is she goes out of her way to teach social media in plain English.She explains clearly the concepts what it all means and how to use it for your business. She had a great skill of taking the confusion away from social media and online marketing even for beginners.

She teaches many business ladies like myself. I have enjoyed working with Rosemary and I strongly recommend her services for business women like myself who want to expand their reach using social media tools.

Children's Best Selling Dyslexic
Author Ireland
Pip carr

Rosemary is nothing more than Professional. She listens to what you ask for and takes it onboard, without trying to persuade you otherwise. Highly recommend Rosemary

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APP Property Portfolios-Manager
Arts & Business Campus North Circular Clinic
John Fitzgerald

I worked with Rosemary on a project to support local businesses and found her first class in every way and a real expert in the area of Social Media and especially Facebook. Working with her was a excellent and she was able to communicate all the advantages of social media and how it could make an important contribution to what we were trying to achieve.Rosemary became a core member of the our team and the eventual success of the project was very much down to what she brought to the table.

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Social Media Campaigns

Offers + Sales Don’t work unless people know about them- We Can SetUp and Manage Your Campaign- And Save You Lots of Time.!.

RePurposing Content

Creating Content Takes Time & Effort. Repurposing means Getting lots of mileage out of blog posts+using it for different mediums.

Social Video Done For You

The best way to say a lot to an audience quickly.

Would You Prefer to Read an Article or Watch It?

Blog Content Done For You

A Blog with nothing really in it is boring and uninspiring.

If you are fearful of creating content or are stuck for ideas we can help you just get in touch.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Get Off The Road To Nowhere Today!

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