Case Study

A Charity Walk For Mental Health Awareness.

Social Video for a Charity

A Charity Walk and Its Promotion

Johnny Hunt a Twitter friend of mine who has a huge following on Twitter in the arena of mental health awareness and he was organizing a walk in the UK before an Aston Villa soccer game. Such an event to work simply means that people need to know about it.

I gave Johnny a sample social video and he readily agreed that it would stand out in his feed by being more visual to his audience so I created 2 social videos for the promotion which were then used along with some stand out graphics.

The two videos we used and the main graphic are displayed here. They got attention for the event-our objective. Remember people do like worthy causes and are naturally inclined to support you-providing they know about the event.

Social Videos & Graphics Work in any Social Media Feed.

Johnny was happy with the social content created as was I because I got some promotion too.

If you have an upcoming event-Sale or Launch contact me and lets discuss promotion. Just don’t leave it to the last minute- events should be promoted well in advance and consistently.


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