Case Study

Website for a Sports Therapist - Case Study

How We Decided a Modern Website Was the Missing Part of the Puzzle.


Following a Review-A Decision To Create a Modern Website


Working in the Health Sector I am connected online with Aidan Raftery a Sports Therapist operating a small business here in Ireland.

As we both work in the health sector, I sought Aidan’s advice after hurting my ankle whilst walking my rough collie and to say the least I was impressed with Aidan’s practical advice and recommendations. Bottom line he knows what he’s talking about.

Later down the track, Aidan asked me to honestly review his online presence and to offer suggestions and recommendations.

the why

The Decision To Create a Sports Therapist Website

Review and Discussion of His Online Footprint

Aidan had strong social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I felt all that was missing from the equation – and desirable – was a modern Website for a number of reasons:

He needed a Central Hub Online To:

Showcase his expertise….Set out his Qualifications…..Promote his local radio shows…..Talk about who he works for….Showcase Testimonials! And lots more as well.


(More About The Why? And The Need for a Modern Website

2 Critical Considerations:

1. Social Media platforms on their own are transient…yes great for establishing brand awareness, but less useful for explanations (How to do things etc), building trust and showing experience and qualifications.

2. A local business can never own a social platform….You Cannot Own Twitter BUT YOU CAN own your own Website


There are So Many Benefits in Owning Your Own Website Nowadays


Contact Details

Showcase Knowledge

Promote Your Experience

Testimonial From Aidan

“I highly Recommend¬†Rosemary O’ Shaughnessy for all your Website and Online Requirements.”

Aidan Raftery, Sports Therapist

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