Diabetes and Sport in Ireland- The Importance of Sport

Diabetes and Sport in Ireland is a topic worth promoting.

For most of us in Ireland, Diabetes and its associated health challenges have impacted a significant portion of our population and it has touched family and friends and work colleagues for lots of us.

Personally, I have 5 friends who suffer from both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and I am very aware of the challenges this condition presents in everyday life.


For my type 2 diabetic friends, I have learned so much about the importance of exercise in their weekly routine. My pet dog loves those friends….”walkies”.

My type1 friend is a guy who you would never suspect of being diabetic – not overweight,  looks healthy and only contracted the condition when he was 40 and he in the past explained to me the challenges of sport and exercise for him (as vigorous exercise eats sugar and can cause blood sugar levels to drop dangerously low causing a hypo).

Therefore many type1 diabetics are fearful of sport in particular, but it does not have to be so and indeed there are many sporting greats who have type 1 diabetes. My friend after considerable  initial fears took up indoor soccer with no problems since – he is just careful to monitor.

As part of my work recently, I am delighted to be able to do my little bit to help spread awareness of the illness and its challenges.

I know how series an illness it is in the world at large and nearer home here in Ireland.

According to the world health organization diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Here in Ireland, I read how Diabetes cases up 70 per cent in Ireland since 1980 in the Irish Times

Source: The Irish Times Post

Diabetes and Sport in Ireland – Photos

The people and organisations featured in the slider:

Aidan Raftery-Sports Therapist

Cathal Fleming – DiaEuro Ireland

Diabetes Ireland

Shop First Aid Products

I have been working on the promotion of DiaEuro for the Irish team along with Aidan Raftery (The Sports Therapist for the National DiaEuro Futsal Diabetic team)  from AR Sports Injuries Clinic.

And I have promoted through Shop First Aid Products a wholly-owned Irish company who are the official supplier of the First Aid Products for the team.

Over the time working on this project, I have really admired the players of our Irish team who all have the challenges of diabetes and have given up their valuable time to train and represent Ireland, with players from Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Cork.

They train in The National Sports Campus Indoor Arena in Dublin.

Also, big credit to Cathal Fleming who deserves a special mention (the founder of the team) who after being diagnosed with type1 diabetes took the steps to put together a team to represent Ireland.

This is the first time an Irish Team has competed in The DiaEuro Futsal Tournament.

It was also great to see how DiaEuro Futsal and Our Irish National team has got support from the media and press in Ireland from National to local papers and radio stations.

The Diabetes Ireland organization have also given their  support . Here is a link to a post on their site Diabetes Euro Futsal

I am writing this to wish our DiaEuro team luck in Kiev in July and good health with managing their diabetes and enjoying all the good things life has to offer…..including sport!.



The Irish DiaEuro Team

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Shop First Aid Products Kit Supplied

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