• Get a Variety of Content Created For You
  • Content Created To Stand Out From the Crowd
  • You Choose How Many Hours Work You Want Done
  • Get Your Brand-Offers or Services Out To an Online Audience
  • Have Social Events Managed for Sales -Events-Promotions

Each Month Get Your Online Content Done For You

The reality is that most local businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time online marketer. Expensive with the added hassle of employment laws, tax, holidays and what not.

There is an easier way to grow your online presence and get your business noticed.

By Hiring a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant to do work for you online .

You Be The Influencer

Many business Social Media Accounts simply share content created by others (relevant to their sector). Yes, this helps but think about your own unique branded and custom made content, done for you and being promoted. Increase your brand awareness- not that of others. You Influence and Educate and Inform!.

  • Even without a website Get Content created for your social accounts.
  • As part of our packages if you wish we will do the work of uploading and promoting for you.
  • Where possible we will use social videos and you can check out our samples.
  • Many businesses Have Seasonal Needs from employment to seasonal offers & more


I’m Rosemary

I have freelanced with businesses online for over a decade. I have managed social media accounts and created online content-Blog Posts-Video-Slideshares and more. If you want to increase your brand awareness online you have to deliver content and a message to your online audience and I can help you to do just that.


What We Offer


Blog Posts


Social Videos

Re-purposing Content

Promoting Sales-Events

imagine the time you will save

Having Your Online Content Done For You and/or Promoted on your Social Media Accounts?

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

Just Complete Our Online Questionnaire

It’s quick and easy and enables us to assess your online footprint or lack of it, enabling us to consider what content to create and for what platforms.

We Will Discuss with you a Plan of Action

It may be suggesting using a combination of Blog Posts-Promo Videos-and Graphics to promote on social media.

What We Normally Need From You

Your Business logo-graphics of your business, including photos of key personnel.

Distributing The Content

You can obviously publish and distribute the content yourself or as part of our packages we will upload and distribute the content for you. Note-we only work with WordPress sites.

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Our Monthly Packages


We offer 3 packages that should suit most local businesses and we can discuss custom packages if you prefer, focusing exclusively on the type of content you want created. Variety of content online matters to stand out. You can for any of our packages mix and match what content type you want done for you.

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Are You Looking to get your brand out there and attract more people to your business online?. Remember where possible we will include  Social Video to Promote any Event-Sale-Promotion as part of any package. Social Videos that can be used on Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-YouTube and your website.

Agency Work

Do You Want to consider sub-contracting to us to have content created for your clients.

If so message or email us and we can discuss your projects and pricing.

Use Your Social Media Accounts to get attention for your product or service- Do so by standing out from the crowd.

Some Noteworthy Statistics:

By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US). – Cisco

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. – Wirebuzz

43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. – HubSpot

Despite the obvious Advantages of Promoting Your Business Online THE DOWNSIDE is that creating content takes Time -Skill-Know How and much much more.

Be Realistic and face the fact that to achieve results consistency is the name of the game  -Ask yourself have you THE TIME -To be consistent? To learn it All? The time to create a variety of content needed today?

Get in Contact & Let’s Start a Dialogue!

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Send a Message to Tell Us What Service Interests You -Video- Blog Content- Social Media Promotion.

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Better Still Complete Our Questionnaire- Quick -Easy & Online

Enables Us To Have a Meaningful Discussion With You

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