Video Matters For Local Business

By 2020, 75% of mobile traffic will be from video…

55% of users watch videos online every. single. day

AND YouTube is the second (!!!) most trafficked website IN THE WORLD (right behind Google).

What does that mean, you ask?

It means if video marketing isn’t part of your strategy…

You’re going to get left behind, and Your Competitors will steal a march on you.

Going Forward…..Can You Afford To Let That Happen?

There are So Many Ways That Short Video Can Benefit You!

Promotional Videos

We use longer social promotional videos to tell that little bit more about your business or special product or service – used in a social media context these videos are a great way to entice the viewer to visit your website to learn more?

Testimonial Videos

Yes while we are sceptical of testimonials- if you post genuine ones- they will matter and resonate with lots of people. It’s a crying shame to have genuine testimonials that no one knows about because you never broadcast them. Do something about it now and spread the great things said about you through social video!.

Sales - Special Offers

Nowadays most businesses have Sales-Offers-Special Discounts – Or Upcoming Events. A Short Social Video- Gets To the P0int- and is a quick and effective way to broadcast your sales message – remember people today love video!.

Video Intros & Outros

Whilst not the most important aspect of video marketing- used consistently intros and outros remind your online audience sector who you are – they become recognizable and that’s no bad thing!.

Product-Service Explainers

Take a plumber who records a before and after video of a remodel job- seeing is believing. Same for a product- demonstrate how it solves problems.

Call To Action Videos

A call to action (CTA) is an essential part of video marketing because you lead your viewer into what you would like them to do. For example – Call You-Visit your Shop – Visit your website, and so much more.

There Are Lots of Places Video Can Attract New Leads?

Videos Are Shared Big Time
You Tube
Second only to Google and where "how to" searches increase 70% year after year.
Using Short Videos you stand out from the Crowd. Twitter is popular in Ireland.
Search Engines
It's no secret they love videos. Video pages are 53x more likely to appear on page1
There Are Many Challenges in Creating Short Videos?

Learning How To Research for the video content

• Learning PowerPoint or Open Office
• Learning How To Use a video Editor

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The Techie Side Of It All!

Learning How To Use a video Editor
• Applying animations into video
Learning how to optimize the video for speed and size

What About The Challenges of Copyright?

Short Videos Need Content-Where are You Going To Get It?
Sourcing Copyright Free Graphics Online
• Finding copyright free audio tracks to use.
. It's Not That Easy You Know!

Learning To Upload & Use YouTube!

Learning Keywording and Tagging and Descriptions
• learning how to use the back-end editor in YouTube.
Integrating Your Video on Blog & Social Media

Often It's Just Sensible To Hire a Virtual Assistant!

Why Worry About The Challenges?

When You Can Have Social Videos Done For You & Customised for Your Business!

**High-Quality videos in an MP4 format designed with the style you choose.

**Customized for your business to present your Offers, Specials, Discounts and services.

Stand Out Online

**Unique and creative way to stand out from the crowd and get your online audience excited to buy from you or hire you or visit you!

Why Intros & Outros Can Help Your Video Promotion

Real Testimonial

Rosemary O’Shaughnessy specializes in helping small businesses to grow. She creates great videos and so much more. Rosemary is a true professional, a very ethical and kind person who is a joy to work with. One of her other specialities is Twitter marketing. If you are looking for a marketing service that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg I suggest that you get in touch with Rosemary (especially if you are based in Ireland, but not necessarily since this lady works online) for an informal chat about your needs. Give it a try, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed

Social Videos Work Great To Promote Offers

Think About The Time Saved in Letting Us Create Your Social  Videos
Sourcing Images or Video-Using Powerpoint and Video Editors-Creating Animations-Theses are just the basics and it all takes time-Time that could be more profitably spent in your offline business.

Sample Videos To Check Out



Fitness & Wellness

Pets & Animals




Artisan & Crafts




Seasonal Offers


Promoting Sales

Intros & Outros

Food Sector

Coffee Shops

Promoting Events

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