Dyslexia Books Author-A Case Study

I recently did a short social video for a Dyslexia Books Author, Pip Carr, to help promote a book. Pip is actually an author of children’s books and she has expertise in the arena of dyslexia.

I have helped in my way with some short online promotional graphics and short social video for her book “The Sea Rabbits of Greystones“.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people suffer from dyslexia and this is a charming kids book – aimed at children with dyslexia. Lets face it this is commendable.

Below contained in my video you will see the short video I created for Pip.

Short Videos Work

Social Videos created in the proper size for any of the social platforms-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – work great because they display perfectly on smartphones and also stand out when uploaded with the proper dimensions.

Social Media Videos For Authors

Social Media is not the cure for all ills online but the simple reality nowadays is that it can have an important role to play too (alongside offline marketing) when it comes to getting the word out there about something new- in the case of an author that “new book”.

Many authors already have probably one or 2 social accounts.

The people they interact with on those platforms know or should know that they are an author and those online friends- if asked to do will quite often share a social media video for you with their own batch of online friends. 

Radio Interview

Click the image to the left to listen to an interview given by Pip to a local radio station in Ireland.

Basically, Pip is using the offline world as well as the online one to promote her book through schools and radio etc.

If you are an author out there do not hesitate to contact me if you have an upcoming book launch that needs some online promotion.


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