Worried about How To Manage Remote workers?

How To Manage Remote Workers?. Actually this question and how its answered is an important consideration for both parties.

Hiring Remote workers online is a relatively new concept but is one that is understood by most of us today.

The practice of hiring a remote worker is one that makes sense for many SME’s, and is something to consider and factor in.

The beauty of an independent remote worker is that you essentially hire this person for a specific project or maybe on a regular part time retainer for specific type online work.

Freelancers or remote workers will have their specific skillset that your business can tap into.

You save in a real sense on overheads-not having to supply equipment and on taxes and regulation, so it makes sense for any SME to consider hiring a remote worker or freelancer if their business has a need that can be fulfilled by one.

Fears About  managing remote workers or a remote team

In my experience many businesses still suffer from “old habits die hard” mentality.

They worry that by not having that person sitting next door to their office that could represent a problem.

For online marketing that should rarely count at all. I have worked for clients for years whom I have never physically met and I am not unique

Understanding is the first cornerstone to managing

Learn What They do

Take the time to learn as much as possible- about what the remote worker can actually do for you.

First step Learn what they can do. Often, a remote worker will have other great additional online skills that your business could use (in addition to their core offer).

Is it writing blog posts once a week?

Is it creating videos for your social media accounts?

Is it setting up and running a specific online campaign?

Clearly Explain Your Business

Explain clearly to a remote worker by email and a phone call,  skype or zoom conference call follow up- what your business is really all about- your background in the sector – and who your target audience are.

Explain why your business service or product solves a problem for a customer and why they the customer need it.

To this day after years asking the same question – I am astounded that when I ask Mr X “what do you do”- and I get a riddle.

Nowadays we all need to get to the point.

I say this because the more a remote worker understands your business, its background and goals, the better the job they can do for you.

It’s important that your remote team be included in the ethos , values and goals of your business.

This will motivate them and you will receive more value from their work.

Have you a mission statement that clearly defines and explains to all workers your values and culture of your business.  

Define The Remote Job Clearly

Following on from “understanding” and “explaining” now Define what the Remote worker’s job description is and indeed their role needs to be clearly defined.

Clearly Define the Job

  • What are their exact tasks?
  • what timeline are they expected to get work done in?
  • Who does the remote worker report to and when?
  • Why not agree on a mutual Checklist?

Agree How and When You Will Communicate

Nowadays there are just so many ways to communicate that the message can get lost in the process. What I mean is that if one person uses Facebook messages for example but the other rarely uses it this can lead to problems in communication especially if a project is time-sensitive.

Clearly Deciding how to Communicate

Efficient communication is essential so have a very clear agreement on a communication structure with your remote workers remembering both you and they are busy. Pick-Phone, Zoom for a conference call, Skype , Email or whatever platform suits. Then you both know where your respective messages will be.

What about a fall back that you communicate once a week no matter what ie. Wednesday afternoon for example. This works.


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