Mental Health Awareness – a case study

Worldwide the issue of mental health has become more relevant to many peoples lives than ever before seemingly.

An issue that in the past was swept under the carpet so to speak, whispered about. Nowadays it is great to know that the question of mental health is not being ignored by our societies at large and greater effforts than ever before  are being made to combat it and help people to deal with it.


I have worked online With Johnny Hunt who is passionate about mental health and increasing awareness.

Apart from working his day job, Johnny has a huge online community on Twitter with over 29,900 followers.

Johnny does all that he can on Twitter to raise awareness about mental health awareness.

 I have worked with Johnny before but some months ago he was intent upon doing a walk to raise mental health awareness before a soccer game between Reading and Aston Villa  in the UK and I persuaded him to use a short social media video to promote the walk. He agreed with me that a video would stand out better than simple text feeds on Twitter so I created 2 simple short videos as illustrated below.

Client Appreciation & Video Views

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And The Takeaway is?
Short Social Media Videos work BECAUSE uploaded properly they work great on mobile devices. They are short and easy to consume on a mobile phone AND they are easy to share.

Some Online Video Stats You Should Know?

Some Interesting Online Video Stats. If you just look around you when you are out and about - you will quickly see people of all ages consuming information through video. In the context of marketing your local business online-its a mistake to ignore using video...


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