Promoting Green Tea – A Case Study

Promoting Green Tea – I worked on a  project for promoting a company “green tea house” I was asked to do a short social media video for use in promotion on Twitter, the idea being to introduce the topic of “Green Matcha Tea” and its health benefits.

The video below is what I produced for the Twitter promotion- and whilst the video displayed below is on YouTube, the important point to make is that for the Twitter promotion the video was directly uploaded to Twitter in the resolution required By Twitter.

This actually matters a lot because on a reader’s Twitter feed the video displays correctly-Making it stand out from the crowd.

Incidentally, the same video with some tweaks could have also been uploaded to Instagram and Facebook in a correct resolution if that was required.

Also, a YouTube version could have been created for use on YouTube itself and on a client Website.

Videos like this work because:

  • They are short in length,
  • Make the point quickly,
  • Work perfectly on mobile devices-smartphones.

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