_Quality Content Matters For SME’s – It Has Become More Important than ever for SMEs.

Once Upon a time, many local businesses ranked online by stuffing keywords into pages and posts. This with time led to spam type content of little real value, multiplying. Google had to act if you think about it?

This keyword stuffing no longer works because Google has made many changes and updates over the last number of years such that low-quality content will never rank online anytime soon. That’s great for the consumer but it means that for online marketing purposes “your content” requires more care and more work.

The old saying that “Content is King” really is the bottom line nowadays. Remember in the long run it will benefit you because it gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skill and offers to an audience interested in your sector of business.

However, it is also worth noting that nowadays some other pretty basic factors come into play too.

For example, Google is now looking more closely at the expertise and trustworthiness of a website when determining which websites should rank where.


Quality Content Matters For SME’s -Make Sure Your Site is SSL Friendly

Quality Content Matters For SME’s , is the point of this post. As part of my everyday work, I consider countless local business websites. Frankly, it amazes me how many local websites out there do not have an SSL certificate.

Quality Content Matters For SME'sIndeed the website owners are often bemused when I point out this deficiency and invariably I say “if you visited a site to purchase an € 800 laptop that had an insecure content warning would you trust it”.Even if you are selling nothing but are building brand awareness the advice has to be the same.

SSL certificates are not per se expensive and indeed some hosting companies offer a free SSL certificate as part of the hosting package-even on their basic plans- so, in summary, there is no excuse to let an insecure site warning lose you customers and potential leads. Do not let something as basic as this drag your site down.

Quality Content Matters For SME’s – Focus on Website Quality

Apart from creating content that is relevant and useful for a target audience SME’s should focus on some other simple basics by having…..

  • Clear-consistent- phone numbers-contact details
  • Secure checkouts if you accept payments online
  • About pages which explain who the business is and who is writing content on the website.
    (and Legal and GDPR pages as well-they do matter)


Google Search Quality Guidelines

While the August 2018 Google algorithm update seems to have impacted larger scale financial, health and medical sites (the most), it is not unreasonable to assume that they will be evaluating smaller local business sites more and more in 2019 and beyond.

You can download and read the latest Google search quality guidelines for additional information and draw your own conclusions.


2.6.1 Research on the Reputation of the Website or Creator of the Main Content

 Use reputation research to find out what real users, as well as experts, think about a website. Look for reviews, references, recommendations by experts, news articles, and other credible information created/written by individuals about the website

Stores frequently have user ratings, which can help you understand a store’s reputation based on the reports of people who actually shop there. We consider a large number of positive user reviews as evidence of a positive reputation.

Many other kinds of websites have reputations as well. For example, you might find that a newspaper website has won journalistic awards. Prestigious awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize award, are strong evidence of positive reputation.

When a high level of authoritativeness or expertise is needed, the reputation of a website should be judged on what expert opinions have to say. Recommendations from expert sources, such as professional societies, are strong evidence of a very positive reputation.

Reputation research is necessary for all websites you encounter. Do not just assume websites you personally use have a good reputation. Please do research! You might be surprised at what you find.

*Make Sure Your Site is SSL friendly. *Don’t post rubbish for the sake of it. *Remember Good Content is King. *Accumulate “real” positive reviews from happy customers. While many commentators online agree that reviews will not currently impact organic rankings in search results, studies have proven that they can impact rankings in local results and maps results, which are critical to a local business and they most certainly could impact organic rankings in the future.
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