Sharing Other Peoples Content-Good or Bad?

Sharing Other Peoples Content is a Daily issue to consider, particularly using social media for business purposes is creating the right balance between creating your own unique content or promoting someone else’s content that is relevant to your sector.

Sharing Other Peoples Content – The Good?

The old saying comes to mind “Sharing is Caring”.

On social media particularly it is a fact of life that unless you want to be consumed by it you have to share good relevant content that is relevant to your sector-from others. Sharing content produced by industry leaders in your area of business often will be appreciated and shared meaning you could open up new avenues and leads by firstly connecting with the original creators, and secondly, you’ll give yourself a chance to tap into their audience as a result.

By sharing good content from others you’ll build your credibility as someone who knows the content that your audience likes.

When you position yourself as someone to trust for great, content you will build engagement around you and increase your brand awareness.

Practical Advantages:

  • You save lots of time
  • Greater Visibility for your accounts
  • No cost to you
  • A simple way to broadcast different -various content of interest to your audience

If something catches your eye, it stands to reason that it will catch the eye of your audience who should be aligned with your brand sector.

Sharing Other Peoples Content -The Bad?

By constantly sharing the content of others the reality is that you are promoting them for free. It is obvious that whatever content you broadcast is not your own- it is not necessarily your voice or your message.

A better approach :

  • It might be to share that great content from another but add your opinion or slant to it.
  • Also, mix the content from others with your own unique content- linking to your website where you have your opportunity to educate your audience about what you and your business are all about.
Like most things online when it comes to promotion there are no hard and fast rules because the important thing to do is see what’s working for you or not. However, in my experience, I believe it best to mix your own unique content along with content from others (with your own observations on it where possible)

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