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Social Media Set Up Service

Helping You Promote Online To A Targeted Audience 

Social Media Management

We Will Only Take on accounts for a business we believe we can grow with and help …… unloved social media accounts are actually a hindrance to your business because they leave a bad impression. If you accept that social media marketing can matter then let’s consult. If you complete a simple questionnaire we will see whether we might be a fit for each other.

Social Media Help

In business, everyone needs help now and again or maybe to set up your accounts , and make them Search  Engine Friendly . If you need help message us with your challenge  or what you would like to to do  and we will get back to you.

We Can Help You Achieve Success Online

Unlock The Full Potential of Your Business by Introducing It To New leads Online.

Some would have you believe that social media is the cure to all ills – It’s Not- We Believe that a dose of realism has to form part of the mix.  Social media is a really important part of the equation, but – some realism- for it to work you need consistency as with that comes both brand recognition and trust. Social Media Success won’t happen overnight as some will suggest to you because it requires- Time-Effort- Consistency!.

We will ensure accounts are optimised?

We will setup and optimise social media accounts for Start-Ups & Local Business!

If we can relate to your business we can help!

We Can Analyse your online business and give you advice for campaigns etc

We Can Analyse your online business and help you how to do it all yourself!

We Can put video bundles for your social media campaigns !

We Can Manage Social Media Campaigns for Seasonal Promotions !

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Account Set-Up

We Can set- up your social media accounts and optimize them for you(which is actually very important).


Local businesses often do not need a full – time manager for social media – we can work for agreed hours per month during quieter periods of business.

Social Media Campaigns

Your upcoming Offer – Sale – Event – New Products – Hire us to create your social media content  and manage specific campaigns for social media online.

Help & Advice

We all need help at times – having problems with your social media – need advice – message us or better still complete our questionnaire.

About Me

Social Media used right works big time to promote brand AWARENESS online. An audience gets to know- Who you are -What you do – Where you operate and so much more.

I have worked in the social media sphere for years, and for businesses that I feel I am a fit for, I am happy to consult , set up and manage  campaigns -devise plans-create the content . I do not insist on legal contracts because if the relationship works we are both a winner.

If you need help complete my short questionnaire and I can analyze your online footprint (or lack of it) and have a meaningful engagement with you.

Need Social Media Help?

Just Complete this Simple Online Questionnaire.

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Hello, I am Ben Kelly and I am a County Hour host on Twitter. I have the great fortune of dealing with Rosemary on many Social Media fronts. Rosemary has helped me build one of the strongest communities on Twitter of which she is very popular and respected highly by all involved. At present Rosemary is acting as a virtual assistant for me, creating graphics and videos for me, as well as designing and building a website for my new business. I find Rosemary very professional, diligent, hard-working, helpful reasonable and realistic with her pricing. Rosemary is highly respected on Twitter, it is my great pleasure to be associated with Rosemary. I wish Rosemary every success in the future and I have no hesitation in recommending Rosemary to any individual, business, corporate or SME. I can be contacted on LinkedIn or via my email ben.kelly48@hotmail.com

Ben Kelly

It's A Lonely Place
Online On Your Own

- We Can Help You.

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Getting A Relevant Audience
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A Virtual Assistant / Freelancer  – Your Online Social Media Resource

Social Media Set Up Service

Social Videos

The Modern Way to reach social media users with what you have to offer them – Your message easily distributable in short video – ideal for mobile phone users.
Social Media Set Up Service

Management For Campaigns With Flexibility

Hire Us For busy periods or for campaigns for offers, events & promotions. The benefits of a social media manager without the responsibility of a full-time employee.
Social Media Set Up Service

A Fresh Perspective

Many get stuck translating their offline business into an online context- a VA / Freelancer knows the online landscape and how to create the messages local business /Startup needs to broadcast.

Let Us Analyze Your Online Footprint. We’ll Make a Plan For Social Media Manage Campaigns For You

Not all social media platforms are created equal when it comes to your particular business. My short questionnaire allows me to at least quickly analyze your online presence – to see how good or bad it is – and it enables me to see if I can help your business by either making improvements or coming up with a brand new plan.

The form can be completed Online – it’s quick and easy – so rather than talk about the weather let’s talk about your business and how to promote it online.

All forms will be treated as confidential- it’s not in my interests to do otherwise.

Need Some Help.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Stop Trying To Do It All OnYour Own !

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