Use the Power of Graphics for Your Local Business

Reasons Why Graphics Matter for your Local Business – We’ve all heard the frequently quoted phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It is true you know!

Nowadays online visitors and indeed buyers are more visually orientated than ever so it’s easy to understand why this is true, but putting this principle into practice and creating engaging graphics is not as easy as it sounds.

Most local businesses are not graphic designers- nor are they professional photographers so the value of a photo, and where and how to use it, won’t be immediately apparent.

Because of our smartphones, many of us associate photography with our personal use which is why making the mental shift to seeing photography as a business tool can take some time and effort and practice. Great interesting graphics do not appear by magic -so learn how to use a graphics tool thoroughly and practice- It’s well worth the effort in the long run.

Because a relevant use of Images in your online business will take your interaction with customers or visitors to a whole new level both on your website and on your social media accounts.

Think about it for a moment would you rather read a paragraph of text about a “point” or would your attention be more drawn to an image that makes the same point- online its very likely that the image will grab your attention first. Remember online users today scan their social media accounts- whats visual will stand out – particularly on a mobile phone.

Here are some of the practical simple ways to make the most of graphics for your local business online.

Reasons Why Graphics Matter for your Local Business – An Edge over Your Competitors

Simple but true- if your competitors are not using attention-grabbing graphics you have a clear-cut opportunity to stand out and grab attention in your market.

Use poor quality graphics and you give the wrong impression- despite the fact that you really are good in your business sector.

Reasons Why Graphics Matter for your Local Business

Reasons Why Graphics Matter for your Local Business – Social Media

Yes, quite often you will have to post plain text updates to your social media accounts. But remember you are unlikely to get the same impact as you would if you employed stand out visual content instead whenever possible.

People are naturally drawn to visuals and this is something you’ll very quickly notice when you compare how your followers and subscribers respond to photos as opposed to how they do to plain text. When linking to an article on your website, for example, displaying the article’s featured image will trigger interest among your followers to click the link and read more on your website- which should be one of your goals.

And Your Website

Your website is your primary place of business online- if it’s not it should be. If you care about your website you need to pay great attention to what visitors will see. Often, your website will be the first place a customer interacts with your business in a meaningful way because they can see your business knows what it is at and trust develops.

Clear, good quality images will create a good first impression and raise the credibility of your site well before you start to actually communicate with the visitor.

You can go further indeed and optimize your photos for SEO purposes by adding keywords in order to grow traffic from all of the search engines. This actually matters a lot!.

And  Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are still useful as marketing tools for the very simple reason that they are still widely used by local businesses everywhere.

If you’re taking part in an industry event, a flyer or brochure that includes photos demonstrating what your business is about will quickly help people understand your product.

Maybe you have a useful offer or sale or special promotion coming up so a flyer in your locality makes sense. It goes without saying that you need decent quality graphics on the flyer or brochure to grab attention.

Remember they can be posted on your website as downloadable PDF’s.

These are just a few simple ideas and they barely scratch the surface of what’s possible. Graphics nowadays are important for GIF’s-Slideshares-Social Video and much more – so learning how to source -edit and create stand out graphics does matter in a busy online world that your customers reside in. Realistically, however, a local business cannot afford to hire a graphic designer for graphics that are required for website blog posts or social media very regularly so some DIY comes into play. Pick a well-known graphics editor and learn how to use it well as the big players in the world of graphics editors have plenty of videos online about how to use them- by practicing what you see – some tasks will become easier and easier and become second nature. On a final note if you use graphics a lot- or if you begin to use graphics daily online – I would personally suggest learning Photoshop because its abilities are seemingly limitless. In the early stages of my business, I tried it but balked at the complexity instead of just knuckling down and learning and implementing the basics. Some years later I did just that- and through practice today frankly I would find it hard to operate without Photoshop. Before accepting the inevitable that I had to embrace Photoshop basics I purchased several apps and programs advertising themselves as Photoshop made easy- practically all were rubbish so don’t fall for the shiny objects. If not Photoshop go for other recognized and widely used editors- PaintShop Pro/-CyberLink PhotoDirector 8 Ultra/Serif(Affinity).

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