Websites For Start-Ups


Websites For Start-Ups – Designed To Help Your Local Business  Connect With a Target Audience!

Step One- We Will Create & Design a WordPress Website For You!

Domain Name & Hosting

We will help you in picking your domain name which is important for visibility for a local business. We recommend Siteground for your hosting starting out as having spent over 10 years dealing with hosting companies Siteground are the best by far for startups- currently, the cost is €3-95 per month.


We only use WordPress because of its versatility and the ability to easily change content and the ease of redesigning pages and posts. In our experience, many local businesses can learn with time how to take some control of their site and at least reach the competence to Blog on their own.

Websites For Start-Ups

We Create

A website for any local business

Leads you would love to have are simply using their

Let’s face it, no one goes to the Yellow Pages

Website Setup

We will organize getting your domain(site) name and hosting. We will then set the site up.

Your Branding & Logo

We will incorporate your branding and logo so that it is consistent on all your online platforms.

Content Strategy

We will help you devise a content plan for your website going forward.

Websites For Start-Ups

Websites For Start-Ups

is no longer an option but a must have.

computer or smartphone to do a search on Google.

to find a local business anymore.

Affordable Pricing

For a 5 page website for start-ups, we offer competitive rates depending on the level of complexity. Creating a Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, Blog, Services.

Social Media Integration

Social media works for brand awareness- and for promoting content on your website. We help you to let them work for each other.

Maintenance & Updates

For a small monthly fee, we will manage a monthly backup of your site as well as look after WordPress updates, plugin updates and security.

Social Media Accounts

We will incorporate sharing and follow features into your site.

For startups with no accounts we will set up and optimize as part of our package,  2 social media accounts from these platforms-YouTube – Twitter -LinkedIn or Facebook.


We will incorporate high quality Graphics into the site.

It helps if you can furnish professional graphics of your business premises itself and photos of key personnell and facilities.

We will also optimize for size and speed all loaded (and provided) images for you.

Social Video

For  your home page-for site visitors, we will create one social video showcasing the key elements of what your business offers .

Just pick a style from our done for you samples which you can find on our sample videos page and we will create a draft for approval. 

Blog Posts

Blogging with time should prove to be important for your business online –

so to  help you along we will create 3 blog posts

just so you can see the potential going forward -namely using blogging to showcase expertise and offers.

Step 2- We Will Setup & Optimise ” 2 of these Social Media ChannelsLinked to Your Website For Social Shares and Follows….Allowing You To Glue all of your Online Marketing Together!.

Websites For Start-Ups
Websites For Start-Ups
Websites For Start-Ups

You Get A Premium Theme

We use a WordPress Theme That Will Not Get Outdated and in fact is very regularly Updated, and that is far more important than you might think!

We Install Critical Plugins

We install a backup plugin for you so that, your hard work will not be lost down the line.

We also install a Security Plugin the importance of which is obvious.

Social Media Integration

We will integrate your social media accounts alongside your website for follows and shares, increasing brand awareness online .

Why Start-Ups?

Because start-ups appreciate getting online with the hard work done.

That is why we offer a Startup package -creating a website and 2 relevant social channels!.


Websites For Start-Ups

About Us

We have used WordPress for over 10 years and whilst it has some drawbacks like all online platforms, nevertheless, it is a very powerful platform for a website because of the ease in which you can redesign existing pages and posts. Additionally, the search engines love WordPress.

Websites For Start-Ups

Don’t Wait Any Longer. In this day and age Can You Afford Not To Have a Website?

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