What is the best way to organize bookmarks?

What is the best way to organize bookmarks? This is a question that I have deliberated upon many many times over the last decade. Many of us have our own solution but some have none.

Let’s face it when it comes to the Internet we all have our favourite websites, social platforms, online tools and sites to entertain ourselves or to use to do our work. Organising them is a challenge, but there are tools.

If you can set the home and/or new tab page in a browser, you can now have all your bookmarks, arranged exactly the same way, in all your browsers.

For years I struggled with finding a way to effectively organise my many many bookmarks.

The reason being that I simply had a large list of sites for both my work and play time.

In the past I used X marks followed by speed dial 2 (FWD) but deep-down whilst these products somewhat did the job for me I was never fully satisfied until by accident I came across the website https://atavi.com.

I cannot recall how I came across the website and am somewhat amazed that it does not have more reach online because it deserves such.

What is the best way to organize bookmarks?It is a platform that I now regard as critical to both my business and personal life online- IT SAVES ME TIME –  and the amazing thing is that the platform is FREE.

Having used Atavi for the last two years every day of the week, it is a tool that I would gladly pay a fee for lucky me I repeat that it is free.

Whilst some might feel it’s not for them- fine- but I believe others will love it.


What is the best way to organize bookmarks? Atavi.com

Bookmark the websites, online services or individual web pages YOU LOVE and access them with a single click from one place!

Finally, a method that delivers true cross-browser, cross-platform, multiple form factor synchronized bookmarks

All you have to do is visit the website-register-making sure to use a good password and voila- you can now access your bookmarks from any browser -on most devices – all organised as you see fit. Anytime you edit your bookmarks or add to them the changes happen in your account- so are reflected immediately on any browser or device you use. There is therefore no need for any synchronisation which I have found tedious with the past bookmarking tools I used before.

Access Easily for example :

  • Your e-mail accounts- both business and personal;
  • Social media accounts;
  • Personal dashboards of online banking services, e-payment systems, and so on.
  • News & Entertainment Sites you love
  • Favourite Blogs
  • Your Websites
What is the best way to organize bookmarks?

I you have set up Atavi as my homepage (which is easily done in most browsers) as you can see from the screenshot above ;

You will see on the bottom I have a fairly large number of categories which I created to separate my important bookmarks into categories and I can access bookmarks by just selecting the category.

The point is that sites that are important to me are easily accessed because they are categorized and separated up. It doesn’t matter what browser I am using-the same homepage as above greets me.

Give it a go folks – you will love it or hate it- but it costs nothing!.


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