When You Might Need a Remote Worker?

I am writing this post in the context of being an independent remote worker for hire in the field of online marketing. However, I believe that what I have to say applies to hiring any remote worker, be they offering bookkeeping services – graphic design or whatever.

You can look at the digital era as either a curse or a blessing, but the factual reality is that for most local businesses they now have no choice but to factor in digital marketing – into the operation of their business, or they risk their competitors stealing a march on them.

In my experience however sub-consciously many business owners wrongly worry about a set up comprised of both employees and online freelancers or remote workers

If you think about it, times have really changed in the digital age.

Many will argue that online promotion is not critical but think about it-If you are planning the family holiday you are likely to search online. A householder with a water leak is very likely to search for a plumber online too. A solicitor or accountant gets a new client through online efforts- that could produce significant fees for their business in the short term and if they do a good job- a long term client who will be saying good things about them to others. That’s a reality too.

The concept of needing a 9 to 5 employee with Mary at the office desk still reins large for many…. but is this a mistake?

Of course, most businesses need full-time employees and key staff to effectively operate and grow, but there are many occasions when hiring a remote worker might hugely benefit a business


Thoughts on When You Might Need a Remote Worker

One of the core benefits to a business owner in hiring a remote worker is that the business gets access to skills they don’t have in-house, and opportunities to pursue new online marketing opportunities. Or when:

  • You have no spare time to do online promotion
  • You are just very busy offline
  • You don’t have the skills to create different formats of material for online promotion.
  • You are too busy seasonally
  • You just need online promotion seasonally and not full time.
  • You need to promote an event
  • Maybe you need to promote new product launches

Reasons to Hire a Remote Worker?

In my experience a critical reason to engage someone remotely stems from the simple fact that a project for online promotion calls for skills and knowledge that your employees and key staff don’t have or don’t feel they can do effectively.Other factors could include:

  • Avoiding burn out trying to do it all alone
  • Just overwhelmed by it all
  • The flexibility in just hiring a specialist on a project or part time basis.
  • No overloading of employees with additional tasks they will resent
  • Bringing in a remote worker gives your team offline the time and space to focus on the work activities that gets you customers in the first place.
  • Cost-effective solution that can help your business generate leads and increase brand awareness online.
  • Reduce stress-and enjoy your business more
  • You need someone to Engage with people on your social accounts remind them you are open for business offline.

Having no online promotion strategy will catch up to you in the long-term. Most businesses need new blood.


Questions to Consider when you begin your search for a Remote Worker?

  • Which online tasks am I falling the farthest behind on? Are they something I can delegate to a freelancer who specializes in this area?
  • How much can I afford to spend on remote talent?
  • What skills or expertise should I look for in a remote worker?
  • How can I set up a partnership up for success with a strategy and a plan

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