Why Creating Blog Content Matters?

Why Creating Blog Content Matters? Because it’s an opportunity for your business-staring you in the face actually.

Time and time again when reviewing a leads online presence I start by looking at their website if there is one. I would have to say that in my experience most have a “BLOG” but guess what-practically nothing on the blog. No reason really for a visitor to hang around then.

Some businesses do get it!.

Having a blog with categories all relevant to the sector-content that is both interesting and relevant-with a variety of content in different formats.

the Irish 2019 Digital Health Index 2019 noted that “Irish SMEs have more digital assets than ever before, 87% have at least one digital asset. However, only a minority of SMEs are using them to their full potential.”

Let’s say that Companies A and B operate in the same general sector and A has a great blog section but B doesn’t. Its hardly rocket science to suggest that an online visitor-a real lead, will be more open to what company A offers.

The simple reality is that by creating valuable blog content it will pay dividends over time.

i often explain to my leads that even if only 1 useful blog post were created once a week that’s 52 blog posts in a year and remember each of those posts if done correctly will remain relevant for some time and can regularly be posted through social media for promotion and brand awareness.

Those blog posts can show to any visitor that you know what you are about.

Blogging can show an audience that you have the expertise,and the knowledge in your sector to be taken seriously and to do business with you.

Think of your website like a house – adding rooms to it adds value. Remodelling it adds value. Blog posts are like bricks in your house because by using them, bit by bit they add value by building more rooms in the house.

Some promote online the lazy way – leave the website as is and use social media to promote –  where they are 95% of the time sharing rubbish or when serious – share others content which in reality is promoting “the other” not “them”.

Sharing content that belongs to someone else is hardly food for showing your know how and expertise.

There is a time and a place for “cute dog videos”!


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The Benefits of Blog Posts ?

There are innumerable ways to benefit from your own unique content.

The Content is Yours?

It’s your content-you created it-you can show your expertise about your product or service.

You Can RePurpose Your Content?

You Could Turn your post into a Video?  You could create a SlideShare/ Now you can target YouTube and LinkedIn as well as having great blog content.

The Content is ReUsable on Social media?

Lets say you did a great blog post “Why Triple Glazing Saves You Money”. You could distribute that several times over a long period as useful content for the social platforms.

What's The Catch?

For someone who knows all the basics-NONE – save time investment.

Beginners have the challenge of a number of moving parts-Design_Layout_Keywords-Social Media Integration. However why not get a freelancer to do all of this-with you supplying the basic article.

Why Creating Blog Content Matters? If So Why are There So Many Bad Blogs Up There?

I’ll be the first to admit straight-up that creating great blog content can be difficult and can take time—but  really worth it for your business over time! However to answer the question:

In my experience, when it comes to bad or non-existent blogs,  the story often goes as follows:

Remember-Just Because You Have a Pretty 5 Page Website Doesn’t Mean The World will Care!. You Need More?.”

Mr X knowshe needs a website – so its created with a Hompage, Services Page, About and Contact pages and a BLOG. Mr X feels “job done”and is happy in the moment. Two years later hes complaining that his site is no good- that it was a bad job- and he thinks believe it or not that by repeating the process “things can only get better” as the song goes..

I say this because coincidentally twice in the last month I encountered that mind frame from 2  businessmen running a local business. Both complaining about their WordPress sites. Not knowing what their sites were actually like I did not seek to peddle my wares but later referencing the sites through business cards I found that one site was actually “visually” great-the other one terrible but the common thread was that both had a blog with 2 or 3 useless (irrelevant) blog posts.

Hardly a recipe for getting traffic!.

Don’t get me wrong having a great looking site has to be on the wish list and the to do list but if you want it to do its work for you it needs content that’s relevant for an interested visitor.

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