Why SME’s and Startups in Ireland Need a Website?

Why SME’s and Startups in Ireland Need a Website? This a question that needs answers and an explanation. So I am writing this post with reference to an independent report, in the context of why any sensible Irish business owner needs a website whether they be an SME or Startup.

In my experience, I am continually amazed at how many businesses do not get what a website combined with social media promotion can achieve.

Last week I spoke to a lead-they had a local entertainment business selling a range of niche products, the concept interesting of itself and the product ideally suited for social media promotion in Ireland. Therefore this lead interested me as ideal. However, get this- the lead tells me that 2 big customers suggested he needed a website which they could then refer their customer to-sensible and great for free marketing for the lead. Then I am told however in a friendly conversation “I don’t believe in websites-they are a waste of time”- my interest fast disappeared and a wise colleagues advice sprung to mind ” some business needs to be left behind”. In business, we need to understand customers often do research before they even consider approaching business for projects and services they want to buy.

What a missed opportunity but you cannot drag a horse to water as they say.

I would encourage visitors to read The Irish SME digital health index who has published a recent report that should be read by many SME’s in Ireland and is great food for thought for any Startup. Here is the link and you will see there is also a downloadable PDF:


Why SME’s and Startups in Ireland Need a Website?

Why SME’s and Startups in Ireland Need a Website?

A few core takeaways from the SME digital health index  report 2019:

Most Irish SMEs continue to use their websites like static ‘digital business cards’, with little more than a home page and contact information.

    • Six-out-of-ten customers consider online purchases to be ‘important’ to them, and more than half say they expect their local high street shops to provide a full online shopping service, such as direct-to-door delivery.
    • Nearly half (48%) of Irish consumers only visit brick-and-mortar shops for everyday necessities, like groceries and toiletries, meaning they are purchasing other items like clothing and electronics exclusively via online retailers
    • 31% of SMEs in Ireland do not have a website.
    • Irish SMEs have more digital assets than ever before, 87% have at least one digital asset. However, only a minority of SMEs are using them to their full potential
    • 54% of Irish consumers will shop with a competitor if their preferred retailer is not online.
    • 72% of SMEs say that one of the biggest benefits of being online and digitally savvy is an increased awareness or understanding of their business among customers.

I have highlighted the above quote from the report for this reason.

Yes, you really do need a website-BUT– just because you have one is not of itself enough…. it has to be promoted online- through ads or through social media.

What’s the point of essentially  creating a brochure of great quality-just to put it in a drawer?

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