Social Video Will Really Help Your Twitter Account

Using Social Video is an important way to get yourself noticed on Twitter Feeds.

The reality today is that social media users are bombarded with information causing them to scan rather than read- as a first impulse.

That’s bad news for you and me quite often because our worthwhile message can get lost with the mob up there.

And Yet, Twitter is still a fantastic way to broadcast to the point news- be it your own or from others-quickly!

The power and reach of Twitter is well documented from its use in bringing down governments to its use today by people like Donald Trump

When it comes to Twitter I have always liked Jack Dorsey’s quote below and while obviously, he will say the best about his own company, nevertheless there’s a lot of truth in his quote

Twitter CEO - Jack Dorsey
“The superpower we provide to the world is we can break news and get information to people faster than any service in the world”

The Twitter Downside and a Social Video Solution

Sometimes on Twitter the 280 character, Twitter Limit means that you cannot say all that you would like to say on occasion.

A social video could help you out in this situation because

  • you can upload a short video up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.
  • That means that you can say quite a lot actually to your audience in your sector.
  • According to Forrester one minute of video is equivalent to X words
  • Look at your own Twitter news feed and you will soon see that video stands out from the crowd- imagine if you had one too?

If you want to promote an offer, a sale, an upcoming event, a product launch, or a new service – use the power and reach of Twitter along with social video and engage your Twitter audience and stand out from the crowd

If you need a social video done for you we can help and we have a  large selection of samples on our website of various styles


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