Why Startups Should Use WordPress?

Why Startups Should Use WordPress? It’s a fair question that deserves explanation. Many startups in business may start with some core initial clients or customers, but ultimately it’s a simple fact that they need more clients and more business going forward. That’s a fact for most small businesses.

the Irish 2019 Digital Health Index 2019 noted that “Two-thirds of Irish consumers consider businesses that don’t have a website to be ‘outdated”

Many of you have been advised that you need a website-like it or not it goes with the territory nowadays in business.

Many may feel with some justification that this is yet another layer of work to cater to and this statement may have a point. However, we now live in a digital age where what was” traditional word of mouth recommendation” now takes place online probably more so than in the local rugby club. I am, not suggesting that traditional advertising methods or old word of mouth recommendation is not important because it still is.

But now in the busy times we live in, many communicate through online mediums and recommendations here are equally important too. People spend a significant part of their lives online and you need to be there too to “meet and greet”.

WordPress Stats-Just a Few Noteworthy Ones!

  • WordPress powers over 26% of all websites worldwide
  • WordPress sites publish 24 blog posts per second
  • WP sites receive over 22 billion monthly page views
  • There are 2.7 million Google searches for WordPress monthly


Watch the Video to learn “10 Reasons Why Startups Should Use WordPress”

Why Startups Should Use WordPress? The Downsides?

Many out there are peddling super-duper websites-Great if you have deep pockets, but startups have lots to worry about as well as a site.

Irish SMEs have more digital assets than ever before, 87% have at least one digital asset. However, only a minority of SMEs are using them to their full potential”

However, WordPress will get you up and running pretty quickly – it will do the job- and with modern themes, you will have a decent looking platform for your business online even using Free WordPress themes and plugins.

There are of course downsides.

Whilst the process of actually getting a site up there has got a lot easier in recent years care is required on many levels.

  • There can be an element of coding involved at times to get what you want.
  • Additionally both security and backup solutions require care
  • as does regularly updating your themes and plugins

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